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Britain, the land of the druids was reputed, in ancient times, to be the home of the knowledge of the northern lands was known internationally as Merlin’s Precinct. A land that would always belong to the druids and never be overruled.
As we know the druids were pursued, persecuted and retreated to their secret places. Going underground here in West Wales, they never completely disappeared. The land is infused with their magic, a time capsule to be called upon when the country is in grave need. Thus it is written in the chronicles of Arthur and here we are in Wales, the home of Merlin.
Is it any wonder that the elements rule north Pembrokeshire – come prepared for all weathers, allow the place to be, then the magic and the stories of the land may gradually reveal themselves to you. Will the elements drive you away for ever or will some indefinable seed lodge itself in your heart and begin to grow?

Is this land waiting for you? Has that time now come that was spoken about of old? Interesting that pilgrimaging is now a major growth area in the international holiday industry. Do you perhaps feel the pull?
“The Stones Are Our Cathedrals” it was successfully argued in Parliament in the 1950s during the Battle of the Preselis, when the government was proposing that the Preseli hills should be turned into an army exercise camp for war. Thus this potent, prehistoric wilderness, the cradle of the welsh language, was recognised as a sacred site and saved for posterity.
Here in Pembrokeshire Celtic Christianity – that which came before the Roman Christianity, continued to thrive until recent times. For the medieval Christians of Pembrokeshire, it was understood that three pilgrimages to St David’s Cathedral was the equivalent to one pilgrimage to Rome.

I am an experienced and popular tour guide having conducted numerous international tours into the land of crop circles and to the sacred sites of England and Wales. I also, on request, create bespoke pilgrimages for particular groups to special places. I have standing invitations from certain areas of “hidden” Pembrokeshire to bring people there when appropriate. If my particular skills and knowledge of this area appeal to you and you would like to hire me as your guide then please let me know and we can plan something together.