3 Ways To Rediscover The Simplicity And Gentleness Of Christmas

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  • Take yourself away
  • Disappear from clatter, stress and busy – ness ….just for a few days
  • Retreat to the west of west of west wales


The land which inspired Dylan Thomas to write of a child’s Christmas in Wales where
“One Christmas was so much like another, in those years around the sea-town corner now and out of all sound except the distant …………”


Make your destination Newport, the Newport that’s on the edge of the ocean in the land of Pembrokeshire.


Let the landscape and seascape feed your soul.


Feel the breeze on your closed eyelids disperse the tired cobwebs of your mind.

Allow your limbs to be stimulated by the joys of a peaceful stroll or a vigorous climb.

  • Eat wholesomely
  • 6-fresh-fruit-salad

  • Sleep peacefully
  • 7-sleep

  • Just snuggle in and make yourself at home.
  • 8-interior-with-fire

Then After Just a Few Days …….

Return Renewed and Realigned to that peopled world Poised for the whatever the new year may bring.

Steeple View exists as always in its peaceful location ready to welcome you.


Last minute vacancies unusually available due because Steeple View was unaware that its calendar had been marked closed on the internet for a few weeks ooops!
3 steps to your gentle escape.

  • Check out our delightful reviews on the web (all genuine honest) then….
  • Be Wise: Go Direct to the website (for a change) www.steepleviewpembrokeshire.co.uk
  • Be savvy, smart and brave (as humans were originally intended) and book direct on the website or even …..summon the courage to phone direct and talk to a human being (yikes!)

Leo … the people friendly proprietor, will be at the door ready to give you a delighted welcome.


Be Well and Look forward to meeting you one day.